What does Redbeard do?

We provide safe, affordable transportation for anyone to anywhere!  We do not require any eligibility factors.  We pre-book your ride months, weeks or days in advance to ensure our professional driver, in our safe, insured and licenced vehicle will be there on time, every time!

Did not know until right now, no worries!  Give us a call and we will swing by and get you where you need to go!  Anywhere in town Harriston only $5!  Great rates for anywhere else too, call now!

Who Calls on Redbeard Rides?


We are here to help anyone find a way to get wherever you want to go.  We know that transportation in our rural communities can be a challenge to those without a vehicle or who are not comfortable driving long distances...

We can help with all that!

Call today and talk about where you would like to go and we will provide a reasonable, affordable quote for you.  Our rates are good, and our service is even better!

Have a Parent in need of a lift?

We understand that it is hard to juggle the needs of being in the sandwich... Kids that need you home, and Parents that need you somewhere else.  That is why we are here.  We understand, we are in the sandwich too!

We offer the option to allow you to open an Account for your Parent or Grandparent.  Let them call and tell us where they want to go, whether to the doctor, to cards, to a church function or community event, anywhere that they want to go.  We will book them in, take them, and get them back safely.

We will provide support at the destination, if they are travelling alone, to make sure they get in to the location safely.   Done early?  No problem, we are in the van waiting.  Your loved one will not need to wait while we return to them, we never left!

Top up the account when needed.  We can send you a statement with an update on time used and what is remaining each month.

We are licenced, safe and affordable.  No risks of unsafe drivers or vehicles when using our professional service.  Peace of mind for you, and on time appointments for them!

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Now What?

Get in touch!  Give us a call or send an email today!