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Our Story

Family.  That is where our story starts.  Our parents taught us to work hard, make our own way, and do what is right.

So, here we are,  with the opportunity to start a business to help others.  We see the need for this business in our Rural community.  We see that we have the skills to make it happen.  Research, determination and hard work make it possible for the start of Redbeard Rides.

Providing a much needed service, in a professional, well trained manner.  Service, support and professionalism in one package, that is Redbeard Rides.

Who is Redbeard Rides?

Ann Hepburn has been in Sales and Marketing for over 20 years.  Ann is a seasoned professional with customer service, sales, organization and marketing skills that keep us on track on, and off the road.

Ann has an excellent driving record as well, and has logged many miles and been everywhere in the pursuit of the next sale.  Ann will be able to transport you safely anywhere you need to go.

Ann will help you book your trip and take care of the details to make a quick trip, or an all day event enjoyable, and on time.

Ken & Ann Gold Box

Ann & Ken Hepburn

Operations Manager & Fleet Manager

Ken Hepburn is a professional driver holding a Class BZ licence.  Ken has been driving school bus, and charter trips all over Ontario for the past six years.

Ken has an innate sense of direction, with the ability to pick up kids on one bus route in the morning, and take a different set of kids home on a different route in the afternoon!  Not something most people would be able to do!

Trained in safe handling of wheelchairs, first aid and defensive driving, this is the driver you want to have in charge of your trip.

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Redbeard Rides is happy to be a member of the Minto Chamber of Commerce.

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