Start here, but if you still need more information, please call, and Ann will help.

Do you provide service to the Airports?

Yes.  Call and talk to Ann and we will get your trip booked for you.

What does the legalization of Marijuana mean for Redbeard Rides?

Nothing.  We do not use Marijuana.  Our drivers do not use Marijuana.  All employees are subject to random drug testing if we feel it is necessary.  We do not allow anyone using recreational marijuana, narcotics or alcohol to drive our vehicles.  Simple.  We do not allow anyone to smoke/vape in our vehicles at anytime.

How do I book my Ride?

Send an email ( or call 519-510-7433 (RIDE) today.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm - earlier or later by appointment

Saturday 9am right through to Sunday at 2am

All other times by appointment - We drive 24/7 for you

How do I pay?

Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and we take cash too!

Direct billing will be available for certain situations, please call to discuss.

What is the difference between Redbeard Rides and Ridesharing "RideWell" being introduced by the County of Wellington in October 2019?