For your convenience we now accept Interac, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay in the cab.


We also still take cash!

Date and Time


As soon as you know you will need a ride, let us know.  The sooner you are booked, the better chance we will be available.  If you know a month (or more) in advance, that is great!  Call and get the time reserved.



Our vehicles are cleaned after EVERY ride.  All door handles, cup holders and seatbelts are disinfected.  The dash is wiped, and the garbage is removed.  Everytime. All smoke free, vape free clean and ready for your ride.


Fair Fares!

We want to make sure that our service is affordable for everyone.  So we have set our rates  to pay our drivers fairly, and keep your trip affordable.

$5 Harriston rate for all in town travel!


An affordable option for all...

In Rural Ontario there is a shortage of "Public Transportation", you cannot just hop on the bus, unless you are located in one of the major centres.  We aren't, and we love it here!  But that does not mean that we do not have places to go!

While there has been some effort on behalf of the County to address our Rural Transportation needs, this service does not work for everyone.

Redbeard Rides is dedicated to you - your schedule, your stops, your people.  We can wait while you are at an appointment.  We help with walkers, parcels and hold doors.  We cater to your needs, Customer Service is our prime focus.


Who calls Redbeard Rides?

  • People without their own transportation, or who are currently not able to drive
  • People who want to go longer distances than they are comfortable driving themselves
  • Groups of people that want to go together in one vehicle to an event or destination (one person or a van full, the price is the same!)
  • People making a smart plan for a ride home after a night out where drinking may occur
  • People travelling to Airports

Client Policies for Conduct and Cancellation - COVID UPDATE - MASKS ARE NOW REQUIRED

No Smoking in, or within 10 feet of, any Redbeard Rides vehicle.  This includes vaping/or vaporized units.
No Drinking Alcoholic beverages in Redbeard Rides vehicles.
No use of illegal narcotics, or marijuana in Redbeard Rides vehicles.
Drivers have the right to refuse you service if you are drinking, using drugs, being aggressive, using profanity or threatening others in the vehicle at any time during a trip.
Drivers will refuse service, and may call the OPP if you engage in any of the above activities.
Smoking in any Redbeard Rides vehicle will result in a mandatory $500 cleaning fee.
Any loss of body fluids caused by drinking alcohol or consuming drugs before entering our vehicles will result in a $500 cleaning fee. Including, but not limited to; Urine, Feces, Vomit and Blood.  Drivers will stop if you require a restroom.
Car seats are the responsibility of the parent or guardian, Redbeard Rides does not provide car seats or booster seats for children.
We cannot tow any trailer, attachment or tool of any kind behind any of our vehicles for any purpose.  Drivers will not endeavour to attach, tow or secure any articles from the outside of any Redbeard Rides vehicles for any reason. Including bumpers and roof.
We will not transport any live animals for any reason, with the exception of Animals sanctioned and licenced as Service Animals for the blind or disabled.
All messes caused by any service animal will be the responsibility of the Client, and susceptible to a cleaning fee of up to $500.
We do not encourage our drivers to speed, or in anyway drive in an illegal or unsafe manner, for your safety, we appreciate your upmost respect to our drivers. 
Redbeard Rides drivers will at no time drive on a road that has been closed by order of the Ontario Provincial Police, Local Police, or the Ministry of Transportation.  In this case additional charges for any reason, such as food or lodging will not be covered in any provided price given before the trip commenced..  Alternate routes will be used whenever possible.
Any unforeseen wait time for traffic, weather, accident or by order of the Police or MTO will not incur additional charges to you, unless you are being charged with a crime or the cause of the delay.  If we need to wait at an the scene of an Incident for police to arrive to detain you, the Client, we will charge you $50 per hour for that time, over and above the negotiated fee quoted to you prior to the trip.  This would also apply to anytime we would be required in a court case against you as a result of this incident.
We are not responsible for delays for weather or traffic.  If there is no safe way to reach  your destination, we are not responsible for expenses incurred such as food or lodging.  We will endeavour to complete the trip if at all possible.
If at anytime you have concerns with the driving, behaviour or service provided by our drivers, we want to know immediately, and ask that you call Ann Hepburn, Operations Manager at 519-510-7433 with your concerns.  If the issue is emergent, please call from the vehicle, or ask the driver to stop and call from roadside.  We want your input, and are not happy if you are not happy.
Cancellations will be handled on a per incident basis.  We will work with you to reschedule if at all possible to keep the ride in place.  If you do not cancel the ride until the driver arrives, you will receive a invoice for 50% of the anticipated fare, as we will not be able to reschedule the vehicle or driver and will lose our time and investment into the day.  Please notify us as soon as possible for all changes.


Entering a Redbeard Rides vehicle will be taken as your consent to the limitations laid out in this document.

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