• Having a Party?  Wedding?  Anniversary?
  • Want to make sure all your guests get home safely?
  • Good Plan!  We can help with that with our new Party Package.
  • Call for details!


For your convenience we now accept Interac, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay in the cab.


We also still take cash!

Date and Time


As soon as you know you will need a ride, let us know.  The sooner you are booked, the better chance we will be available.  If you know a month (or more) in advance, that is great!  Call and get the time reserved.



Our vehicles are cleaned after EVERY ride.  All door handles, cup holders and seatbelts are disinfected.  The dash is wiped, and the garbage is removed.  Everytime. All smoke free, clean and ready for your ride.



We want to make sure that our service is affordable for everyone.  So we have set our rates  to pay our drivers fairly, and keep your trip affordable.

$5 Harriston rate for all in town travel!


An affordable option for all...

In Rural Ontario there is a shortage of "Public Transportation", you cannot just hop on the bus, unless you are located in one of the major centres.  We aren't, and we love it here!  But that does not mean that we do not have places to go!

Many organizations have some transit available, but there are often geared for certain groups, like seniors only, low income only, cancer patients only, kidney patients only... While these services are needed, and appreciated, many people do not fit into the boundaries of these programs.

These services are very busy, and have to prioritize based on necessity of the request.  We understand, but Quality of Life is important.  We think it is just as important to be at a weekly card game, a family BBQ, or a soccer game your grandchild is playing in, and we want you to be able to get there.  Not just the necessary trips, but the fun ones too!

Who calls Redbeard Rides?

  • People without their own transportation, or who are currently not able to drive
  • People who want to go longer distances than they are comfortable driving themselves
  • Groups of people that want to go together in one vehicle to an event or destination (one person or a van full, the price is the same!)

Where do People go?

  • Errands around town.  Hair appointments, grocery store, lunch with the ladies, wherever you need to go.
  • Regularly scheduled medical appointments such as MRI's, CT scans, Doctor Visits, XRays, Blood Tests, anything that is scheduled and not an emergency.  (We are not paramedics)
  • Auction Sales or Livestock Sales - take a group of friends, family or neighbours to a sale and share the cost of the trip.  (Please note, we will not bring back the cow you bought!)
  • Shopping / Day Trip / Concerts - take the Girls or Guys for the day, all together, relaxing and enjoying while we get you there and back safely, share the cost!
  • Weddings / Dinners / Parties - make a safe choice and book us to take you to an event where you wish to have a drink, get the gang together and make a night!(Please note that we do not allow any open alcohol in the vehicles for the safety of you and our drivers)
  • Weekly card games, church, meetings, community events, family events, any place you want to go!
  • We want you to go where you WANT to go, not just where you NEED to go.

Ready to Go?

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